Goodies and Edibles: Order our "Digital Catalog" to see some of our most popular goodies and edibles, along with their unit prices. Pricing per goodie bag will depend on how many items you choose, how many bags you are ordering, and where you want your order delivered.   Don't see what you want?  Talk to our consultants!  We have 100's of themes and thousands of products from which to choose.  If you can imagine it, we'll try and create it!  Just tell us what you want, and we do the work, so you save the time.

Packaging and upgrades: Your order will include a complimentary colorful tye-dye or birthday themed gift bag with matching tissue paper and an appropriate sticker closure for each guest. You do have the option to upgrade to a more specifically themed gift bag for a small upcharge.

How the pricing works.  Although we specialize in goodie bags customized specifically for you, we know you would still like to have an idea of how it works.  After you choose the items you want in your bags, we add the shipping and handling fees as show below.  The handling fees are for the labor of individually locating, purchasing, bagging and tagging each item, as well as assembling the goodie bag (These are charges per bag).  We have free delivery in the immediate area, but there are flat rates for delivery outside a 3 mile radius.  (These are PER DELIVERY, not per bag)

Assembly, Handling, Delivery

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