These are just examples of what's available.  Contact me at 813-389-4420 by text or phone to find out about our more extensive line of goodie bags or to custom order.  You can also email at

The Tye-Dye Bag (shown) or generic Birthday Bag is included free with any order, but may be traded for an upgrade for a slight upcharge.  The Under the Sea themed bag (shown) includes the upgrade.   Orders can be picked up in Wesley Chapel are delivered to your door, bagged, tagged, and ready to set on your guest tables.  


Bag includes: Scratch Art Kit (sea creature, stylus and ribbon), Sea Bauble Necklace, Mermaid Ring, Mermaid Keychain (not shown), sheet of Mermaid Tattoos, plus Swedish Fish and Goldfish Crackers and themed bag.

Total Price per bag including tax: $5.00


Bag includes: Animal Noodle, Mini Rubik's cube, Marble Mesh, Fuzzy Worm on a String, Spike Ball, Mochi Squeeze toy, Swedish Fish (not shown), and Tye Dye Bag

Total price per bag including tax: $4.00


Bag includes Jeweled Tiara, Princess Beaded Bracelet, Jeweled Ring, Beaded Necklace, Colored Hair Extension, Sour Patch Kids Fruit Chews, and Princess Castle Bag.

Total Price per bag including tax: $6.50


Bag includes Sonic Figurine, 2 sets of Sonic Stickers, Chaos Ring, Sonic Spike Ball, Blue Ring Pop, Smartees, and Sonic themed bag.

Total Price per bag including tax is $5.00

Pick up in Wesley Chapel is always free.  Delivery is free for the first 3 miles. 

Delivery thereafter is a flat fee based on miles regardless of the number of bags. 

4 - 10 miles      $3.99

10 - 15 miles    $5.99

16 - 20 miles    $7.99

20+ miles         Call for quote

Delivery prices do not include tax.