Classroom Prize Box with Prizes

Are you looking for a way to reward your students?  Do you want to help out your child's teacher?  Looking to Reward a Teacher of the Year?  Time Saver Favors Prize Boxes for the Classroom can fill the bill!  These cute Classroom Prize Boxes come with bagged and tagged prizes that are ready to motivate and reward students for as little as 40¢ per prize+$10 for the Prize Box ($50 total includes choice of Prize Box). Refills, without the Prize Box, are only 35¢ per prize, so just order refills if you have your own Prize Box.   Curated specifically for a given age group, there is a Prize Box for any grade level. You can choose  the prizes, or leave it to us (if we choose the prizes, the price is reduced to 30¢ per prize. We guarantee that there will be no more than 20% of any one item. )

Here's how this works:  Choose prizes and quantities until you reach 100 items, then choose the Prize Box that is right for the age group.  Finally, choose how you want your prizes tagged (Example:  Star Student, Mrs. K.'s Classroom Rewards, etc. See example below). Be sure you are choosing age-appropriate prizes to get the most out of your Prize Box.  Our coordinators can make suggestions if you would like help. 

In addition, we have special prizes for Preschool groups, as well as Prizes for the older students (11 and up).  Just email us for those pages.  The following choices are especially for ages 5 through 10, although some items shown below are popular with all ages.

Example of a tag.  The tag is folded in half over the bag, then, for safety, is taped rather than stapled.

Example of a tag.  The tag is folded in half over the bag, then, for safety, is taped rather than stapled.

Mesh Marble Fidget

Small Silly String

Pop It Mini Keychain

Sticky Hand

Sea Animal

(Grows in Water)

Heart Scratch Art

(heart and stylus)

Scratch Art Kit (Snowman, ribbon, and stylus)

Soccer Stress Ball

(1" Dia)

Dinosaur Bubbles

Finger Light

(assorted colors)

3D Erasers

(assorted styles)

5 to 10 stickers

(bagged by theme*)

Beaded Necklace

2 Snowflake Tattoos

(2" X 2")

2 Sports Tattoos

(2" X 2")

Mermaid Tattoos

(sheet of ~ 6 tattoos)

1 pc Sidewalk Chalk

(assorted colors)

Pop It Bracelet

1 Spike Ball

(assorted colors)

Pop Tube

(assorted colors)

Choose any combination of the above to equal 100 items.  All items are ordered as 1 each except where noted (example:  there are 2 snowflake tattoos in 1 bag, but finger lights come 1 to a bag because it is not noted otherwise). Each choice counts as 1 item (example:  if you order 20 bags of snowflake tattoos, you will get 40 tattoos, but it will only count as 20 bags towards your 100 items).

*The number of stickers in a bag depends on the size of the stickers.  Each bag has a theme (e.g.: sports, mermaids, hearts, animals, etc.) chosen at random.  There is an upcharge if you want to choose the theme.

Because some schools no longer allow edible rewards, these are sold separately where allowed.  EDIBLES** can be added to the box in groups of 10 items for $3.00 per group.  Again, it is your choice of items, but you must order a minimum of10 items of that choice. 

3 Charms Pops

(assorted flavors)

Full or Mini Airhead

(assorted flavors)

Smarties Roll

Sourpatch Kids OR

Swedish Fish

Fun Size Fruit Snack

2 Dumdum Pops

(assorted flavors)

3 Jolly Ranchers

(assorted flavors)

Rice Krispies Treat

(assorted flavors)

**Because edibles come from the manufacturer already individually wrapped, they will not be tagged.  However, where noted, multiples of an edible is considered 1 item (example, 3 Charms Pops are counted as 1 item), so they will be bagged and tagged as 1 item.  

Choose one of the containers shown below according to the age group of the class.

School Bus Container

Approximately     10" X 10" X 15"

Collapsible Container

Comes in black, light blue, or orange.  Approximately    10" X 10" X 15"

Use the button below to generate an order for one of our Teacher's Classroom Prize Boxes.  We will be in touch for specifics, and a 50% down payment will be requested.  Balance due on satisfactory receipt of order.  Delivery is free to schools within a 20 mile radius of Wesley Chapel, Florida.  All other locations will be billed according to distance from Wesley Chapel.  

Call for rates. 813-389-4420.