Wellness Bliss Package

Ready for a Spa Day?  Want to make your wedding party or shower guests feel special?  Know somebody who deserves a day of pampering?  Try our Wellness Bliss Package.

Head Wrap

Made of microfiber material, this soft terry cloth head wrap is so comfortable.  Perfect for giving yourself a luxurious facial.

Soap Holder

Our soap holder is crafted from high quality bamboo wood for strength and durability.  The hollow wood bars ensure smooth water drainage, keeping your soap dry and extending its lifespan.


French-milled, luxurious soaps enriched with essential oils and natural extracts. Each bar is approximately 1.9 ounces, making it perfect for gifting multiple botanical scents.

Bath Bomb

Each package comes with one of our 4 oz bath bombs to help soak away your stress with a hand selected blend of essential oils. You will love them at the end of a stressful day, and they are ideal for when you deserve a little me time.

Shower Aromatherapy

No time for a bath?  Try these shower steamers for intense aromatherapy.  A concentration of essential oil brings an intense aroma whether in the shower or other areas like car, office, or linen closet.  

Collegen Masks

Under eye mask patches & lip mask sheet are rich with Collagen to soothe eyes and lips and to reduce dark circles, puffiness, & lip lines. Our masks keep your lips and under eyes moisturized,  and your skin soft, fresh and elastic. 

Chocolate Indulgences

Pamper yourself a little more by adding a couple of bars of Ghirardelli Chocolate to your package for just $1.00 more.

Marbled Gift Bag

Your Wellness Bliss Package comes in a beautiful, marbled gift bag with tissue and ribbon.

Add a  Basket

Want your gift to come in a basket instead of a bag?  Give a decorated, cellophane wrapped gift basket to delight your recipient for an additional $3.00.

This Wellness Bliss Package starts at $12 and includes the spa headband, 1 bamboo soap holder, 2 scented soaps, a large bath bomb, 1 shower steamer, 2 collagen eye masks and 1 collagen lip mask.  Each item comes individually wrapped, and the package is beautifully decorated in a marbled gift bag with tissue and ribbon. (quantity discounts available).  

Important note:  The items pictured are representative of the type and quality of items offered at Time Saver Favors.  Actual product brands (unless brand is specifically noted), colors, sizes, etc. may vary slightly .  Any differences will be noted on your quote for your approval prior to the completion of  your order.